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What to Wear and Bring

It’s easy to get started at Jawbreaker Boxing Raleigh, even if you’ve never boxed before…

What to Wear:

Wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared to sweat.

Boxing and/or wrestling shoes are fine if you have them, otherwise regular sneakers will work.

Men don’t go shirtless, and we ask that no one wear slogans or images on their clothing that is not family-friendly. We have people of all ages training at Jawbreaker Boxing.

Gear to Bring:

If you’re just starting out, you really don’t have to bring a thing. We almost always have extras around for you to borrow. But we recommend at least getting your own hand wraps, then moving up from there when you’re ready. See below.

1. Invest in a pair of boxing hand wraps.

These are widely available at sporting goods stores or online. They run about $7 per pair. Be sure to purchase 180″ “Mexican-style” wraps.

We’ll show you how to wrap your hands when you get here, and you can also watch the video below to get an idea.


2. You can use the gym boxing gloves.

And when you’re ready to get your own gloves, we recommend you get at least 14 ounce gloves, which start at around $50. Resist purchasing the $10 gloves you see online — they will not offer good protection for your hands! And make sure to get thumb-attached, velcro closure (not lace-up) boxing gloves.

Youth boxing gloves are also available at local sporting goods stores, and sometimes smaller women also purchase those.

3. If you plan to spar, you’ll need a mouthguard (and eventually, headgear).

Good mouthguards (either upper only or a “double,” which protects upper and lower teeth) run about $15, and must be molded to your teeth before you come to sparring.

If you wear braces, you’ll need a special mouthguard, which is available through most dentists.

You can use gym headgear, or purchase your own.

The best headgear has a lace-adjusted top, velcro and/or lace-adjusted back, and a metal chin buckle (velcro wears out).

We recommend USA Boxing-approved training or competition grade headgear, which is made to the highest standards. There will be a USA Boxing patch on approved headgear. These start at about $50.

What to expect:

Our classes are designed so that anyone can jump in, even if you’re completely out of shape and new to boxing. Just work at your own pace and eventually you’ll be up to speed.

Our classes involve plenty of warm up activities (jump rope, running, etc.) and involve simple technique drills for footwork and punching before we dig into the hardest heavy bag work and intense cardio like burpees, push ups, and mountain climbers. We typically finish classes with mitt work (see photo), abdominal exercises, and stretching.

You’re gonna love it!