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9 am – 8 pm

10 am – 5 pm



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All Classes (download our schedule)

Jawbreaker boxing classes are available to all gym members. Each class is a mix of warm-up activities, stretching, cardio & strength training, boxing drills, bag work and partner drills.

When there are not specific classes running, you are welcome to create your own workout. You can follow the workouts written on the chalkboards in the gym, and use any of the non-boxing fitness equipment like weights, stationary bicycle, rowing machine,  kettle bells, battle rope, jump ropes, Bosu balls, and so on.

Monday Classes

On Mondays you can choose from four structured adult boxing classes, and one kids boxing class.

Tuesday Classes

On Tuesdays you can join in on any one of five structured adult boxing classes.

Wednesday Classes

On Wednesday Jawbreaker offers four structured adult boxing classes and one kids boxing class.

Thursday Classes

On Thursdays you are welcome to come to any one of five structured adult boxing classes.

Friday Classes

On Fridays you can take advantage of one structured adult boxing class and have full use of the gym, improving your technique, strength, and overall physical condition through sparring and the chalkboard workouts. There is also one kids boxing class.

Saturday Classes

On Saturdays you’ll find an open gym from 10 am to 5 pm, and one strength & conditioning class.